Dean Lloyd L.Ac., HHP, NP, PD/MWA

Dean is a life-long professional musician that has been practicing holistic healing for more than 28 years. A board certified Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Radio Show Host, Author, Professor, Inventor, and Philosopher, Dean uses his combined training in Oriental medicine and cross-cultural music theory led to his rediscovery of the role of the pentatonic scale in Chinese healing and his creation of the Acutone technique. Dean teaches Acutone to Acupuncturists and health practitioners and has invented numerous musical healing devices, including the Resonance Bell, which he employs in his busy clinical practices.

Professional Education
University of Wisconsin, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, PCOM/ Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Institute of Postural Restructuring, Dr. Jay Scheerer's Academy of Natural Healing

Sai Holistic Center, La Mesa Acupuncture , Acutone Institute of Oriental Medicine, Livingston Medical Center, Moffat Family Health Center, Acutone Holistic Center

IBrachi (Brazil), China (Beijing, Shanghai), Bastyr University. Northwest Health Sciences University, Numerous Workshops and Symposiums throughout the United States including organizations such as the AOBTA. Dean has written articles for a verity of papers including Acupuncture Today.

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